Where are our houses?

Where are our houses? #1
A light house with windows, a door, a roof. Before the house, a street. Behind the house, a court where an olive tree grows up. After that a wall is built, high, very high.
What is it behind this wall?


A street with houses through the village. Above th street, takes place a roof, a fence roof. Above the houses, ather houses has been constructed. Above them, the sky. it’s hard to perceive it. Fences, rocks, walls, barbed wire; everything separate them.



To be placed high to see better. A line is drawn trough the fields. The barbed wire as a frieze accompany the fences, the limit is nearly transparent. The line strength herself, the limit is rude, the concrete wall are built int he middle of the land. To follow the line by eye, impossible to see where she’s started and finished. The house stands in the other side.
Photography and text – Collective exhibition – Words that lift – 2015 – GAS Gallery – Toronto
Skills: Drawing